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5- piece Kids Drumset

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16″ x 11″ Bass Drum with 6 lugs per side
10″ x 6″ Hanging Tom with 5 lugs per side
10″ x 5″ Snare with 5 lugs on each side and stand
9.5″ Cymbal bass-mounted holder
Bass drum pedal
Adjustable round padded height adjustable drum throne
A pair of wooden drum sticks

16″ Real Wood Bass Drum

Mounted Real Wood Tom Drum
Mounted Real Wood Snare Tom Drum
All Drum Heads
Drummers Stool
Bass Drum Pedal
Drum Sticks

ITEM NO.: JBJ-5200


5-piece children drums TOVASTE JBJ-5200 KIDS DRUMSET is a fully functional drum set designed specifically for young drummers. This kid-size drum set is a real drum set with wood shells and is a great DRUM SET to get your child who started drumming for not a lot of money. You will be shocked at how good this is. And it comes with everything you need. Excellent drum set at a great price! The jazz drum set for kids is a fantastic beginner's toy that will get your kids hammering away and making sweet beats. Stimulates kids' imagination and creativity. It has the hardware and throne with it. JBJ-5200 is a 5-piece drum set for kids, this can also be used as an intro set. the drum beats will give the music of many kinds a sense of feeling. It consists of the Bass drum, the Snare drum, Tom Tom, cymbal and throne and sticks. Endless hours of musical joy are ahead when you own this amazing drum kit for your children.  A customer favourite for many years. There has never been a more affordable, quality drum set for the young drummer!