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Tovaste KM90-830 300 Watts Meeting Amplifier System
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Frequency Range = 250 ~ 330 MHz

Frequency Stability = ±0.005%

Modulation = ±20kHz

Frequency Response = 40Hz~18kHz±3dB

Hum & Noise = 70dB

Dynamic Range = >100dB

Distortion = Less than 0.5% (at 5W)

Battery = 12V  3.5Ah*2

Weight = 13 Kgs

Dimensions (mm) = 540x230x38

ITEM NO.: KM90-830

The TOVASTE KM-90-830 300Watts Meeting Amplifier System features 2 Channel power mixer with Echo and Delay FX Built-in wireless microphones (1 Handheld, 1 Headset, 2 Headheld). It plays USB, SD, FM Tuner and USB recording facility, 2 Band Channel EQ. And is an All-in-one unit for portable using. The KM-90-830 300Watts Meeting Amplifier System - Black can be used for both indoor and outdoor application, it has a supporting shoulder strap(Backpack)

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