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May 7, 2019    admin   


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Paging System Control Unit




  • APM-202CU is a rack mounting switcher/control unit which works with APM-201RM and up to 2 amplifiers to form a 6 zone zonal paging system with multi-level priority and switchable background music.
  • 6 Zone Switcher / Paging Control Unit for use with APM-201RM.
  • 6 Zone Selector switches, plus ALL CALL switch.
  • Provision for two 100V input signals, one for speech and one for background music.
  • A priority of speech over background music.
  • Provision for routing background music source to selected zones.
  • Provision to make announcements from the control unit.
  • Status monitoring of all zones.
  • Provision for emergency trigger input and alarm input with the highest priority.
  • Standard 19” rack mounting chassis.