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Tovaste JBP-5300CX Drum Set
  • 5-piece drum set
  • Seat and Stick included
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5 Piece Drum Set
6-ply shell PVC cover
26’x16″ 16-lug bass drum
16″x16″ 12-lug floor tom
13″x12″ 10-lug tom tom
13″x10″ 10-lug tom tom
12″x9″ 14″x55″ 12-lug metal snare drum
12″x9″ Hardware
14″x16″ Snare stand,
12″x14″ C-365 cymbal stand
12″x9″ H-4l hi-hat stand, P-6CS pedal
12″x9″ T-ID throne
12″x14″ Cymbals: 14″x2H- 16″x1


Weight (kg)

ITEM NO.: JBP-5300c

Tovaste JBP-5300CX Drum Set

Tovaste JBP-5300c Drum Set is a Professional 5-piece drum set for all drum enthusiasts, also ideal as a gift to individuals, churches, music groups etc. It comes in various colours to suit your personality!
  • Features:
  • Complete hardware with seat and stick.
  • Strong and durable.
  • 5-piece drum set.
  • Colour: Red, Wine, Blue, Green, Black, Ebony, Rose, Pink, White etc.
Tovaste JBp-0803T 5 piece drum set
Tovaste JBP-5300CX Drum Set
Weight 38 kg